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Outlaw Gaming Community (OGC) is a mature gaming community for individuals 18 years of age or older.  We pride ourselves on being respectful gamers.  OGC is comprised of multiple clans that work together using tactics and communication to dominate opponents.

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OGC is a single community made up of many clans. While the General of each clan has the ability to set certain standards for his/her clan, there are guidelines within OGC that each clan must adhere to. Again, these are guidelines and infractions evaluated on a case by case basis to determine severity of the infraction.

The minimum age limit to join OGC is 18.

Our community prides itself on its reputation as a fair-gaming community. With that being said, cheating of any kind is strictly prohibited. Cheating is defined as anything that gives you an unfair advantage over the other team and includes but is not limited to modding, glitching, lag switching, hacking, and the use of modded controllers.  Creative jumping is allowed.  This is the act of using developer made objects to get to an area (such as jumping on a crate and then a wall to get up on a roof). 

OGC does not tolerate the use of racial slurs, sexism, disrespect towards religious or sexual preferences, harassment of any kind, or the promotion of illegal drugs in open lobbies or xbox live parties.

No member is to intentionally initiate any kind of trash talking, abusive language, or disrespect towards another online gamer. If you or another member of your team is disrespected during open game play, you are allowed to defend yourself and your team. Individuals are expected to treat others within the community with respect whether it is in a lobby or during a game.

Once recruited into OGC, you will hold the rank of Honorary for a minimum of two weeks to determine whether or not you fit well with the clan you joined. If you don't quite fit that specific clan , your leaders within that clan will work in finding you a clan that fits your style of play. Once you are fully accepted into a clan, you will be promoted to Private. Once promoted to Private you are allowed to add OGC to your name. To do so you must submit three potential names to your General for approval.

All members of OGC are required to register online on the Community website outlawgamingcommunity.com. You are also required to add your respective xbox live silver clan tag to your xbox live friends list. You must also ensure you add the officers of your clan and ensure they stay on your friends list. You are also required to place somewhere in your xbox live bio your clan name and your rank within OGC.

As a member of OGC you are to follow the honor code and rank structure at all times. Violations of the honor code or rank structure will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Any issue dealing with the removal of a member will be dealt with by a tribunal (1 Council, 2 Section or Community Leaders, making 3 senior members). No one person has the power to remove a member from the community.

A non officer member requesting a transfer for the first time is automatic. Unless a valid reason to stall the transfer is submitted to the Section Leader for the decision. All transfers will include both Generals from the losing and gaining clan and then the Section Leader for final approval. Transfer will take no more then 2 weeks to be approved.

All leaders of OGC have an open door policy. This is merely for advice on how to possibly handle a situation and not a final decision. If you come to a leader they will inform you on how to get the situation resolved properly. This is to ensure the chain-of-command is not violated and all leaders are involved in the proper fashion.

OGC doesn’t allow any affiliation with other online communities or clans. Running other community clan tags may be grounds for dismissal from OGC.

Communication is key within OGC and as such, a headset is required.

Welcome to Outlaw Gaming Community and remember the most important reason of it all. This is just a game and we are all here to have fun!!